Crafty Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Happy Tuesday Beautiful People!!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. We have about 5 days left. Whose excited about the day of love? I know I am because this is when the best romance films plays on television and  I got my popcorn and box of tissues ready. How many of you have your significant other’s gift already? I’m proud of you guys who beat the crowd and got those gifts.  Now if you are like me and haven’t gotten your valentine a gift yet. Then, don’t fright because this blog post is for you.

I wanted to take a different approach on these last minute V-Day Gifts by showing you gifts that are inexpensive yet crafty. Who wouldn’t want a homemade gift. A gift that toke time and energy to make. I know I would and I hope that I’m not the only who would appreciate those types of gifts. So lets get started

1. Make a personalize box of all your love ones favorite things.

Tips For Creating The Perfect Gift Box | Sugar and Charm:


2.You can write love letters for your significant other

Open When Envelope Ideas | Click Pic for 38 DIY Valentine Gifts for Him | DIY Valentine Gifts for Boyfriend:


3. You can write them reason why you appreciate them

This unique book made up of cards to tell him 52 reasons why you love him....17 Last Minute Handmade Valentine Gifts for Him. Surprise!! #diyHandmadeValentineGiftsforHim: Here's a meaningful gift full of affirmation from the letter A to Z. Download the printable for a great last-minute gift from the heart.:

Sources:  &


4. Make a sweet treat bouquet

•❈• Last-Minute Valentine's Day Sweets & Treats.  These would be great as a centerpiece or make mini ones for each guest.:


5. Couples Scrapbook


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6. Romantic Scavenger Hunt

mister b and me: diy: valentines scavenger hunt.:


7. Love Coupons

Create your own personalized love coupons starring you and the one you love.:



Well folks that all for today, I hope I was able to help you guys and gals out with some crafty Valentine’s Day gift ideas!!


Until next time,

Peace, Love and Fashion