Fitness Journey & Tips

I just wanted to give you guys an update on my fitness journey as well as give you a bit of  encouragement along the way. I restarted my fitness journey almost two months ago after a four month fitness hiatus. When I mean hiatus I mean it. I was just eating what I want and when I want. I couldn’t believe how I let myself go. I gain about 20lbs during that time. Now I’m back on a healthy regime. I prep all my meals for the week. I try not to eat out as much but I do. I try to get something that is healthy even though I consider it my cheat meal. I try to keep a healthy balance.

Although, I do have some serious short coming when it comes to food especially sweets. I sometimes have a huge craving for cake or doughnuts. There were times, for example,  last week I made a pan of brownies and cake. Guys and Gals, when I tell you that I ate a whole pan  of brownies in one day.

I was so shocked that I did that when I
was trying to practice self control; however, that didn’t work out. I didn’t beat myself up. I remained determine to do better the next time and practice self control.  Although, it hard I’m making a better effort, I purposely leave my debit card home so I don’t spend money and I don’t keep sweets in my home. I want  share with you that if fall off your fitness  journey just try to get back to doing it. 

It may be something as small as changing what you eat or cutting back on sweets, juices or sodas or even junk and fast food. Implementing more veggies and fruit into your diet.  You can even do portion control. As far as physical fitness incorporate 30 mins or more of you some sort of physical activity like walking, jogging or playing a sport. Just do something to get that body moving and burning those calories.

Remember that this is a lifestyle change that takes work not overnight fad or get rid of fat regime. It didn’t take one day to put on so don’t expect it to come off quick. You need to be realistic with yourself when setting expectations or goals. Do the work properly and watch your body transform. 

Also, form a group with individuals who share the same mindset as you when it comes to fitness and being healthy. Trust me, when I say it helps because these individuals hold you accountable. You can also included your family on this journey; for example, I included my mother in my weekly meal prep. She loves it because she has a meal ready for everyday. She doesn’t have to worry about cooking.

I get to introduce her to vast of different healthy and tasty greens and food. Now thats not easy sometimes because my mom is a very picky especially being that she is Haitian. So if I can get her to change eating habits I’m happy.

Well my friends until next time on this journey. For those who are starting keep it up and don’t get discourage and to my old time fitness pals…keep it up.



Last week, my personal trainer said something to me that stuck to me. It inspired me to write this here blog post.  I’m a slow walking.  Slow as in a snail walks faster than me. When I walk with my friends who walk fast, I feel like I have to jog to keep up with them. So when my trainer had my classmates and I power walk, I nearly lost my life. I caught a cramp in my legs. I’m short with short legs so fast pace walking is not my cup of tea.

As I was dying, the trainer told me you have to push past your comfort zone. I thought to myself, he is crazy but right. Don’t you hate it when your trainer said something profound as they try to kill you? I went home in pain; I couldn’t shake what my trainer said because what he said made sense.  In order, for you to see changes you have push yourself past your comfort level and limits.  I even made an acronym Persevere Until Something Happens.

The key word in this PUSH acronym is persevere. Persevere is defined as continuing in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success. This is the key to a successful fitness or healthy lifestyle journey. Some of us go into this fitness journey with the wrong mindset.  We want a quit fix but that is not what this journey is about its about being a healthy and better you. You have to do it the right way.  In order, for that to happen you have endure and push through.  I know this journey will not be easy. There will be some hard times, temptation and you may even hit a plateau but hang in there.  Because changes will soon come and you will definitely see the difference but you have to PUSH.

Meal Prep Tips

The fitness journey has arisen like a Phoenix. God has truly made a way for me to continue the journey. I am truly grateful for that. For those who don’t know I started my fitness journey last year at the end of June/early July and I had to stop when I left my job. So I’m back and I’m ready to rock and roll. However, there are things that I want to do more differently from the last time. I wanted to share some of my tips about meal prep with you based on my past experience.

1. Set a budget and stick to it I really didn’t have a budget.

I would say that I wouldn’t spend more than $60.00 and I would spend way more money than anticipated. I would spend on average $100 or more on groceries and it was only me. Some of you are thinking this is nothing but I was doing this on weekly bases. I was spending $400 plus dollars on groceries. Now that I’m fixed income I have a budget of $40.00 a week and I have to make sure that stick.  Be more conscious of what you are purchasing and shop at places that are feasible you’re your budget. Getting generic brands instead store brands. Stick to the sale items and couponing is going to be my best friend.

2. Research, Research and Plan Accordingly

It is important to research especially recipes and tips so that you can educate and obtain knowledge about healthy alternatives out there.  You create a guide as to what healthy meals and tips are beneficial for meal preparation and substituting different condiments and seasonings.  It’s helpful, if you follow individuals on social media who are also on the journey of healthy lifestyle and meal preparing because they help you on along this journey. Don’t over purchase.

3. Go shopping with individuals who are also meal preparation.

I find that going shopping someone who is also meal preparing is helpful. My reason behind that is that individual can hold you accountable and make sure getting healthy foods and help you stick to your budget. Going shopping with someone who is experience with meal prepping and shopping because they can share with you their tips and advice for what works until you know what works for you.

4. Pick a day for meal prep and shopping for groceries and stick to it.

I suggest that you pick a day that going to work best for you to grocery and meal prep. You can do them both on one day or split it. I like to shop for my groceries on one day then meal prep the next day because meal prep is a lot of work and time. After hours at the grocery store, the last thing on my mind is cooking.

5. Portion size

When are you cooking, make sure you portion out your meals correctly. You can check the label to find the serving size.

Hopefully, you guys found these tips helpful.

Laterz  XOXO


Fitness Motivation Tuesday

Today, I woke up and felt the urgency to work out. It was as if my body was craving to start working out again.  I have been physically active since July 2014; however, I stopped working out in December 2014 and went on a junk food binge that lasted until February 2, 2015. I couldn’t believe that I allowed myself to let go and gain all the weight that I lost. I don’t know what came over me. It was as if I didn’t care about anything anymore and I just wanted to pig out and drown myself in the pool of artificial snacks and sweets. I paid greatly because I was feeling great chest pains, lack energy and my body was hurting. My insomnia came back. I was tired of living like that so I made a decision either stay in my condition or make the conscious decision to get back and be physically active. I made the decision to get back on the journey and become a better me.  I know that for some of us we made those tired old New Year’s resolutions to go on a diet. Some of us will continue on the journey and many individuals will stop and never achieve their goal. That is to due to the fact that we as humans lack the motivation and drive when we feel that we that progress hasn’t been made. You need to be real with yourself and realize it didn’t take you days to get in your current state so don’t think it going to take days to shed those pounds. Weight loss is a journey that takes time and dedication. You have to make the conscious decision that you want be a better you no matter how long it takes. You have to commit to the journey. You have to want it bad enough because no one can want it for you. I realize that for myself and now I made the commitment to stick to the journey. I hope you will make the decision to commit to the journey and I promise you, you won’t regard it. Understand that this journey will not be easy and you will be tempted on the journey but stay discipline and you will see results.

Laterz  XOXOXO