The Choice

Last Night, I couldn’t sleep especially since I was watching my baby cousin so I decided to watch a movie on Hulu.  I chose the movie The Choice. Oh how I loved that movie which leads me to rewrite another post about this movie.  This time with a new perspective.  I want to focus on the titled of the movie The Choice. For those of you have haven’t seen the movie then I’ll give you an overview of the movie. Travis Shaw is a veterinarian, living in small coastal town who falls in love on his first meeting with Gabby Holland, who has moved in to the house next door. Gabby is a medical student who is in a relationship with a fellow doctor, Ryan McCarthy. With Ryan out of state overseeing a new hospital opening, Gabby and Travis spend more time together, starting a relationship. Ryan returns, and is keen to resume his relationship with Gabby. Unsure of her feelings, Gabby tells Travis that their relationship wasn’t necessarily serious, so she says Yes to Ryan’s marriage proposal. Monica breaks up with Travis telling him she knows about him and Gabby and that he should fight for her because they love each other. Travis goes to the hospital, only to find out Gabby left after she broke off her engagement with Ryan. Ryan punches him for the affair. Travis then goes to Gabby’s family home to propose to her. After convincing her of his love, she says yes. They marry and over the course of the next few years they have two children and become a happy family.

One evening, after a dinner to which Travis has failed to show due to a work emergency, Gabby drives back home but is involved in an accident with another car. She survives but is now in a coma, which seems permanent. Travis wracked with guilt has to decide whether to take her off life support or not. A storm nearly destroys their house. One day, the shell chime starts to ring in the wind and Travis runs to the hospital where Gabby has wakened from her coma. He takes her home where she is welcomed by the family and Travis’ sister’s newborn child. To make up for missing their dinner date they have one in the front yard where she tells him she heard everything he said whilst in the coma. The last shot is of Travis and Gabby, their children and dogs looking out onto the shore.

Throughout the movie Gabby and Travis had to make some choices in order to have their happy ending. Travis made the choice to put aside his playboy ways in order to win Gabby’s heart. Gabby made the choice to allow herself to fall for Travis. This movie made me realize that we all make choices that will affect our life, but what drives our choices? Do we act based on emotions, past experiences or instincts? I know for me I act on three entities but more on past experiences. I learned my lesson the first time and I won’t be a fool twice.  Since the year has begun, I made some choices to refocus the directions of my life and although it was tough. Im super glad I did it because it was time that I did. I decided to cut people from my life and learned that I need to focus on my future. It was time to choose me and my happiness.  Guys when I tell you I’ve never been more satisfied with my life. I know that its gonna take some time to get where I want too but when I do its gonna be lit.

I know you are wondering what this post is about. Well I’ll tell you we are in the final days of month three of 2017 and some of us are still making poor choices and not making any choices at all. Or you may have too many choices. Now I don’t know what is causing you to not act on making a choice. But don’t allow fear to make that choice for you. I know for experiences that if you allow fear to decided then you’ll miss out on some amazing opportunities.

Until next time,

Love, Peace and Fashion



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