Happy Love Day!!

I didn’t want this night to end before  I had a chance to wish you guys and gals a Happy Valentine’s Day! So today people would have been sad about not having a love one to share this day with. I even heard people refer to this day as Single Awareness Day! I on the other hand see Valentine’s Day as another day to love oneself and others. I beckon today as Happy Love Day! 

I chose to empower myself on this day. I got dressed like I was going to the Grammys. I beat my face and I slayyed to perfection because I refused to be sad on this day because I don’t have no one to share this day with. When people were asking me where I was going and I happily responded that I wasn’t going anywhere. I just wanted to be beautiful today because I am my own valentine and I love me. This is another notch in Loving Me journey because I struggled with loving myself but thats another topic for another day.

I just wanted to share Valentine’s Day 2017 experience where I chosed to Be Mine! Remember you dodnt always need another individual  to make feel special. You have the power to do it on your own.
Happy Love Day!!
Love Peace and Fashion



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