Season of Uncertainty 

Hey Beautiful People, 

​Have you ever been in place in your life where you are just uncertain about life and your purpose in it? Its like you feel you are just going through the motions. This is where I am right now? I’m in season of uncertainity. Its been a month since I’ve been fired from my recent job. When it happened I wasn’t sad or stressed about it. However, I  wanted to know what now. Where am I going now? What is my main focus? I have been battling whether or not that  the Lord was leading  me in the area of my passion of fashion. 

Guys, when I tell you that I love that field but my focus area is image consulting.  I love making people feel beautiful,  handsome and helping them step out their comfort box.  But, I question myself all the time as to whether or not this where God is leading me or is this where I’m leading myself? I know this has to be God but I’m just not sure faith was. I believe it is Him but just like man I walking on egg shells ans being hesitate.
I don’t know why though. I believed that God spoke to me the beginning of the year. When the speakers were speaking on purpose and they used the name of company D3fined Image and using based scriputure Ps 139:13-16. Where it talks about being made in the image of God. Then later, this year I got an internship with this Fashion Designer. Now my cousin told me that their is someone who interested in paying someone to dress models for him. I was like man look at these signs. But how don’t know its God? I know it is Him because stuff like thus don’thappen to me. But why the doubt though?

I’m over here having a Moses complex. Where I’m questioning whether im good enough and I’m looking at all my defaults  instead just being like Abram just trusting Him. I dont don’t want Saul situation where God takes His hand off me or He was with me on this journey to being with.  This is the stuff I battle with all the time.  I just need  a clear sign from God to  say thisis where I’m leading you so trust me.  I will equip you with the knowledge and skills you need. Thats all I want to hear to put myself at ease and truly take that leap. 

This is why I’m in my season of Uncertainty. All these questions and doubts are hindering me from going forward. I don’tknow what to do when it comes to this manner. I feel a fast and prayer coming soon because I don’t want to take this season into my new year.  Have you guys ever experienced this? What did you do?  I would love to hear your experiences? 

Until next time,
Peace, Love and Fashion