Fear of the unknown

Fear of the unknown can hinder us from accomplishing our goals or promises.  How many dreams, seasons or circumstances have we forgone because our fears spoke louder than our passion? Why is it that we allow our fears to be the dictator of our life? When are we going to just put aside our fears and take life by the reigns?


Over this weekend, I met some clients who were telling me about their goals and one of the young ladies informed me that she wanted to start her own small business. She had everything from the name of her company to logo and who she was going to target. However, her fear hindered her from proceeding with her small business.  How can we overcome our fear of the unknown? How are we going to strategically accomplish those goals and step out that box?  We need to move past our comforts of knowing and dabble in the unknown when it comes to stepping boldly into our passions.  Its sad place to be when you’re on your death bed contemplating all the things that you could have done and wish you could go back do but it’s too late.



How many of you are willing to take the plunge and step out into the unknown especially to do something that you love and are passionate about?


Goal + Effort=Success

You must work towards your goals in order for you to achieve them. If you don’t put forth the efforts then you will not achieve it. So ask yourself, have I maximize my resources and potential in achieving my goal? If not, then it’s not too late to start.  Every step is progress.