Simple Minds Can’t Understand Your Dreams

Happy Wednesday Beautiful People,

Last week,  I was at work listening to my favorite thing in the world …….Motivational Speeches. These speeches are the best because it pushes you to strive for more and motivates you to grind toward your dreams well at least in my case it does.  So when one of the speakers said something profound that I know I had to share with you guys.  He touched on that simple minded people can’t understand your dreams. I agree with him on this matter.


You ever had a dream and  told someone who you thought would encourage you to follow your dreams yet you got the total opposite. They told you to give up on that dream or ridiculed you about it. They make statements like, “Why can’t you get a normal job!”or “Do something that within your norm!” “You’re  to young or old!” “You dont have knowledge or experience!” “You will never be successful!” I could list a) the types of rants that individuals use as a tactic so doubt is instill in us which leads to us not accomplishing our dreams.

I realize the reason that people say those things because simple minded people can’t understand your dreams or visions. It’s okay for them live the “Leave It to Beaver” lifestyle but don’t allow them to deter you from your dreams. This is because there are people who can’t imagine themselves doing things that you dreamed of doing or intimidated by your dream. They can’t get pass the concept of stepping out of the box and doing something that goes against their norm. Those are not the people that you need not to surround yourself with. You need to find like-minded people who will encourage you, motivate you and support you especially when it comes to making your dreams your reality. Nobody wants a Debbie Downer in their corner tearing them down about something that they are passion about.

Until next time


Peace, Love and Fashion,



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