Valentine’s Fashion Look

Hey Beautiful People!!

Hope your President Day is going well!! I  know my day is going by greatly because I’m home relaxing after long 3 day weekend. So folks, how was the Valentine’s day? I enjoyed my day of Love. I spent my day with family and friends. I also got to style my cousin for Valentine’s Day!! So let’s get into these fashion looks!!

So I for Valentine’s Day, I decided that I was going to shop in my closet because I’m on a strict  budget so I need to financially resourceful. 

So I decided that I was going to wear my red Jennifer Lopez  dress that I got from Kohl’s last year. I paired the dress with this ruffled vest that my mom thrifted recently. I pair the look with an ankle strapped heel with gold detailing on the side. For my accessories, I add my diamond studded earrings and diamond necklace.




Now my cousin’s wanted to wear pink and white for Valentine’s Day. So we got this cute pinknshirt from Marshalls.   The jacket was gifted to her which matched the pants to a T. The pants was thrifted. We also got the shoes from Marshall. The shoes were super cute. It was reptile print ankle strap with tassel zipper on the back. She paired with floral clutch and cute diamond studded heart earrings. This outfit cost under $50 which was her budget.




I hope you enjoyed our OOTN!! Let me know in the comment section what you
did for Valentine’s Day or what you wore.

Until next time,

Peace, Love and Fashion,


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