Fashion Friday: Flower Lapel Pins

Hey Beautiful People,

Happy Friday!! I hope all is well with you gals and guys on this beautiful day! So today is my favorite day of the week. Its Fashion Friday!! Yayyy!! I love today’s Fashion Friday topic because its fashion trend that has been around for a while but has definitely been modernized. Ladies, unfortunate today blog is for the fellas. This fashion trend is the Lapel Pin! Although, the lapel pins have been around since the late 1960s and early 1970s, men would generally wore these pins as an ornamental or to be associated with an affiliation or cause.

However, recently more men are wearing these pins as a fashion statement to add that extra detail to an ensemble.  Lapel Pin are generally small pins worn on clothing, often worn on the lapel of a jacket. There are different types and styles of lapel pins but today will be focusing on the flower lapel pin or boutonniere.  Boutonniere have been used to indicate everything from wealth to military affiliation.  Generally, you’d see these pins being worn at weddings or proms but this is no longer the case. You will see men wearing these pins on a day to day whether for work, formal or casual parties,etc. Now if you don’t know what flower lapel pins are, I included some pictures for you gals and guys down below.

Fancy - Charleston Wooden Lapel Flower by Two Guys Bow Ties: Mens Lapel Flower in Azalea and Oatmeal // Mens Boutonniere // Wedding Lapel Pin // Unique Lapel Flower: Mens Foam Lapel Flower in Brown // Mens Boutonniere by HelloOliver:

Now I haven’t really noticed this trend until last year when I saw several men wearing them on their social media feed and my brother sent me a picture of a look that consisted of blazer with a floral shirt and a flower lapel pin. I fell in love with the look so  I set out to find out more these amazing fashion statement piece. Lapel pins are worn on the left side of a jacket or coat. Its believed to gives it a romantic flair being that the heart is on the same side.

Lapel flower pin come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and materials suited for any occasion or individual. Now when it comes down to selecting the right size for your lapel flower, the color of the pin should compliment the rest of your outfit but more importantly the occasion. Also, you might want to be mindful of the material of the jacket because these pins will leave holes. So always check the material first.   Now if you choose to enhance your wardrobe, feel free to select complementary colors that will take your dapperness to another level. Now if you don’t know how to do that refer to a color wheel or go with something neutral, like off white.  Remember, the pin adds a dapperness to your ensemble, so be mindful of that!

HANDMADE chic Boutonniere Flower Lapel Pin Button Mens Fashion Accessories /SX #Fashion #Style #Deal: Elegant White Carnation boutonniere mens lapel flower by Nevestica: Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

You can also dress up or down these pins and that the factor that I love about this trend. I included some pictures down below for you fellas. You can also go on social media such as Pinterest or Instagram to check different ways you can style these pins or even check out my good friend Google. There is something out there for everyone, but the main thing to be concerned with is to wear it with the utmost confidence!

Shop this look for $203:  — Yellow Floral Lapel Pin  — White Crew-neck T-shirt  — Navy Horizontal Striped Blazer  — Navy Chinos  — Grey Leather Brogues: Shop this look for $192:  — Navy Chinos  — Brown Leather Double Monks  — Grey Cowl-neck Sweater: Shop this look on Lookastic:  — Grey Plaid Wool Blazer  — Red and White Polka Dot Silk Scarf  — White Pocket Square  — White Floral Lapel Pin  — Brown Print Bow-tie  — White Vertical Striped Dress Shirt:

Well folks, that concludes this Fashion Friday episode and I hope this was helpful for you guys as well as my ladies. Let me know in the comment section which fashion trend you want me to speak about on the next Fashion Friday!!


Until next time,

Peace, Love and Fashion




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