How Bad Do You Want It?

Hey Beautiful People,

I hope your Monday is going amazingly great!

I have this baby cousin who plays football. Well he is not a baby anymore. He is a Goliath.  He stands at 6’5 and still growing. He is over 200 pounds and did I mention that he is an offensive and defensive tackle. Let me give you his back story, he played football for a school who he was not giving him enough play time. So he made a decision to transfer to new school’s team that really wanted him on their team.

So the team that my cousin played for were able to go 2015 state championship game. Now let me tell you something that this team. They won the championship game for the last four years. This was my cousin’s objective, he wanted to go to the championship and win that ring. Especially, this was his senior year and last opportunity to play high school football. He worked hard. He would work out regularly so he could condition his body. He watched what he ate. He would watch highlight games for hours. But most important when he played he gave it his all.

They were able to make it to the state championship. Now this team faced many obstacles. According to an interview from the coach, he stated, “These kids have been fighting all season. They fought through the adversity. People were counting us out. But no matter what, they were still coming to practice week in and week out – grinding, sticking together, believing in each other and showing a will to compete” (CBS). Through their discipline and hard work, they won state 43-23. What truly amazing that the kids fought to win and many people who doubted that they were going to win but they won and so many of them cried. Theodore Roosevelt stated, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” This is the truth about success when you want something you have to work hard for it. It will not come easy and you have to fight for it. There will be sweat, tears, sleepless nights and you will have to let some people go.  How many of you know that you can’t bring everyone on the road to success?

Your success is determined on how bad you want it. So if you are saying that you want to be success yet you don’t put in the work. Then forget about it because you’re only fooling yourself.  The harder you work, the higher your chance of success.  How hard are you willing to work for it? Because it will not happen overnight and it is a progress.  I am learning that in order for me to be successful with this blog and image consultant business, I must be consistent and work hard at trying to reach my goals. I have to truly devote myself to my business and put in that sweat and tears so that I can watch the growth of my business.

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I remember listening to this motivational video and one of the motivational speakers told this story of how this guy asked this guru, how he can be successful. So the guru told him to meet him at the beach at 4:30am. So the guy meets the guru at the beach dress in a suit and the guru tells him to get in the water. The guy does. The guru tells the man to go further in. This goes on for few minutes until the guy is deep enough. The guru then holds the man head under water for a bit. Then he releases him and tells him in order for you to be successful; you have to want it as bad as your next breathe.

This is how bad, we must want success in order to succeed because it will not come to you easy. If you have to want it bad enough that you will have to work. Stop making excuses and get ready to grind. I promise you this that if you commit yourself 100% to that goal you won’t regret the decision you made.

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