Fashion Friday: Flower Lapel Pins

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Happy Friday!! I hope all is well with you gals and guys on this beautiful day! So today is my favorite day of the week. Its Fashion Friday!! Yayyy!! I love today’s Fashion Friday topic because its fashion trend that has been around for a while but has definitely been modernized. Ladies, unfortunate today blog is for the fellas. This fashion trend is the Lapel Pin! Although, the lapel pins have been around since the late 1960s and early 1970s, men would generally wore these pins as an ornamental or to be associated with an affiliation or cause.

However, recently more men are wearing these pins as a fashion statement to add that extra detail to an ensemble.  Lapel Pin are generally small pins worn on clothing, often worn on the lapel of a jacket. There are different types and styles of lapel pins but today will be focusing on the flower lapel pin or boutonniere.  Boutonniere have been used to indicate everything from wealth to military affiliation.  Generally, you’d see these pins being worn at weddings or proms but this is no longer the case. You will see men wearing these pins on a day to day whether for work, formal or casual parties,etc. Now if you don’t know what flower lapel pins are, I included some pictures for you gals and guys down below.

Fancy - Charleston Wooden Lapel Flower by Two Guys Bow Ties: Mens Lapel Flower in Azalea and Oatmeal // Mens Boutonniere // Wedding Lapel Pin // Unique Lapel Flower: Mens Foam Lapel Flower in Brown // Mens Boutonniere by HelloOliver:

Now I haven’t really noticed this trend until last year when I saw several men wearing them on their social media feed and my brother sent me a picture of a look that consisted of blazer with a floral shirt and a flower lapel pin. I fell in love with the look so  I set out to find out more these amazing fashion statement piece. Lapel pins are worn on the left side of a jacket or coat. Its believed to gives it a romantic flair being that the heart is on the same side.

Lapel flower pin come in all different shapes, sizes, colors and materials suited for any occasion or individual. Now when it comes down to selecting the right size for your lapel flower, the color of the pin should compliment the rest of your outfit but more importantly the occasion. Also, you might want to be mindful of the material of the jacket because these pins will leave holes. So always check the material first.   Now if you choose to enhance your wardrobe, feel free to select complementary colors that will take your dapperness to another level. Now if you don’t know how to do that refer to a color wheel or go with something neutral, like off white.  Remember, the pin adds a dapperness to your ensemble, so be mindful of that!

HANDMADE chic Boutonniere Flower Lapel Pin Button Mens Fashion Accessories /SX #Fashion #Style #Deal: Elegant White Carnation boutonniere mens lapel flower by Nevestica: Hey, I found this really awesome Etsy listing at

You can also dress up or down these pins and that the factor that I love about this trend. I included some pictures down below for you fellas. You can also go on social media such as Pinterest or Instagram to check different ways you can style these pins or even check out my good friend Google. There is something out there for everyone, but the main thing to be concerned with is to wear it with the utmost confidence!

Shop this look for $203:  — Yellow Floral Lapel Pin  — White Crew-neck T-shirt  — Navy Horizontal Striped Blazer  — Navy Chinos  — Grey Leather Brogues: Shop this look for $192:  — Navy Chinos  — Brown Leather Double Monks  — Grey Cowl-neck Sweater: Shop this look on Lookastic:  — Grey Plaid Wool Blazer  — Red and White Polka Dot Silk Scarf  — White Pocket Square  — White Floral Lapel Pin  — Brown Print Bow-tie  — White Vertical Striped Dress Shirt:

Well folks, that concludes this Fashion Friday episode and I hope this was helpful for you guys as well as my ladies. Let me know in the comment section which fashion trend you want me to speak about on the next Fashion Friday!!


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Haters Gonna Hate

Recently, I was watching a Youtuber’s snapchat and she was ranting about people talking about her so negatively about things she tweeted years back on her twitter. There was this gossip site was bringing up these past tweets and people were leaving her harsh comments. She even had to set her social media accounts to private because the comments people were saying. She is pregnant and she said that someone made an account with her daughter’s name with a derogatory term calling her a B. People will leave nasty comments on her page and telling her that they hope she has a miscarriage or that they hope she falls down a flight of stairs. I was so shock to hear the kind of stuff that people had the audacity to say to her and about her innocent unborn child which lead me to write this blog post.  This post is about Haters and how to deal with them.

17 Inspirational Things You Can Post Against Your Haters Right Now:

First off, don’t allow the words of your haters to deter you but use their words as a stepping stone to your success. I am so serious about that like use their negative and doubt as the driving force to prove them wrong. I heard this speaker once say that if you are doing something wrong if you don’t have haters. Even Jesus had haters but He didn’t allow their hating self to deter him for doing His ultimate goal.


Haters are confused admirers who can't understand why everybody likes you. - Paul Coelho:

How many of us know that there are going to be people in this life who will dislike you for no apparent reason at all or hate on your success, etc?  Haters can’t breathe without negativity.  It’s like it’s their job to be a hater. I don’t quite understand the reason behind being a hater. What is the objective on hating on someone? We all have the same opportunities for great success but what are you doing with your time? Don’t be envies or covet someone else’s looks, success or life because you don’t know what that individual had to do in order to get to that level.  People hate for numerous of reasons such as

  • You have something that they don’t.
  • They need to put you down to feel good about themselves.
  • They want to be the center of attention.
  • They are bitter about something.
  • They lose sight of contentment.
  • They stop counting their blessings and start counting the blessings of others.

17 Inspirational Things You Can Post Against Your Haters Right Now:

So how do you deal with your haters? You don’t!!  It doesn’t matter what you do or say there are people who are set on disliking you for whatever misconstrued logic that they had conceived in their mind. Trust me, I know from experiences that you can do whatever you think you need to change will cause those individuals to like you but that is not the case. However, I learned things that you can do differently and I want share these tips with you.

  1. Pray and Release it to God

Don’t sit there and try to analyze the reasons someone’s chooses not to like you. You will drive yourself crazy trying to figure what you need to change within yourself. Instead, pray and leave it to God. Allow God to take the wheel.


  1. Be Kind not Petty

Don’t need to be petty with them. Be kind and courteous with them. There is no sense in being petty with them. You know the cliché motto…kill them with kindness.  This true no need to get to their level with their same bitter attitude, but don’t be fake with it. Make sure your kindness is coming from a genuine place.

  1. Don’t Apologize

People feel like that when people are offended by them you feel that you need to apologize but that is not the case when you have haters. Because you didn’t do nothing wrong to be owing someone an apology.

  1. Ignore them

You can’t always pay attention to the foolishness people say about you. When haters hate, and what they say is neither constructive criticism nor positive feedback, it has no value to your life.  So there is no point in getting all bent out of shape by something someone says about you. Haters say things that will do nothing but ruin your day, so ignore them!

  1. Be You

People will hate on you for no reason. So there is no need to change who you are just to appease those haters. Just be fabulously you.


This 1-minute devotion explains the freedom found in loving our enemies using an example from a soldier in Iraq.:

Whether it’s face-to-face or online, haters will always find something to hate on, so don’t let it get you down or even pay it no mind! Deal with haters in a way that you’ll be proud of later by focusing your time and energy on something productive. This will give haters even more reason to hate!


Love, Peace and Fashion,


Fashion Friday

Happy Friday Beautiful Folks,

I hope all is well with on this gorgeous Friday!  Fashion Friday is back is full swing!  So lets get into these fashion looks my friend, so I decided to do some winter fashion looks for kids, women and men. I’m trying something new with the kid’s fashion.  So lets get into those looks:

Look 1


Look 2


Look 3


Look 4


Look 5


Look 6


Look 7


Look 8


Look 9


Look 10


Look 11


Look 12


Look 13


Look 14


I hope you guys enjoy my fashion looks. Let me know which ones were your favorite in the comment section! Let me know what you want to see on these Fashion Friday Segments.

Peace, Love and Fashion,

Lazarus Effect

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I hope your Wednesday is going amazingly great!!

Last year, I came across this video on Facebook and guys when I tell you that this video had me feeling very emotional. It was really touching. The beginning of the video opens up with twin babies are in a hospital crib and the mother is hovered over the crib mourning the lost her child. She picks up the dead child and hugs him. She crying and hugging the baby. While in her arms the baby comes to life. Guys, when I tell you I was so overwhelmed with emotions from this video because the mom was happy that life was restored back into her child. It instantly made think of Lazarus.

When I finished watching this video, I felt that the God laid something in my spirit that I feel that I should share with you guys. This is so funny because this topic segues into a topic that one of the pastors at my church spoke about. We are doing a series called What a Time to Be Alive. The pastor’s sermon was about Lazarus. He sermon about taking off our burial clothes because God already awoke us up. We have to make a decision based on our faith or fear.

I know you are probably wondering where I am going with this blog. Well let me share with you the reason behind this post is the story of Lazarus. Lazarus’s story starts in John 11. You see Lazarus was the brother of Martha and Mary. He was a friend a dear friend to Jesus. Well Lazarus becomes sick and the sisters sent word to Jesus that, “the one you love is sick” (John 11:3) Jesus receives the letter but He doesn’t go straight away to Bethany. He waits a bit then goes to Bethany. Lazarus has passed away by the time Jesus arrived. When Jesus finally makes it to Bethany, He is greeted by Martha who informs Jesus that if he has been there her brother would not have died. But Jesus reassures her, that her brother will rise again. She thinks He is talking about the resurrection; however, that was not the case. Jesus asked for the stone that covered the tomb to be rolled away. The sisters were telling Jesus that the Lazarus has been dead for a four days and he would smell. However, Jesus told them that if you believe you will see the glory of God. He stands at the tomb after He has thanked the God for hearing His prayers and He calls Lazarus to come out of the tomb.

Lazarus comes out of the tomb. Jesus orders that the sister remove Lazarus’s burial clothing. This whole story of Lazarus shows how sovereign our God is and He hears our cries and pleads. And God laid it on my spirit to share that many of us are praying for dead relationships and dreams that we thought were dead. But He is getting ready to bring those things to life just like He did with Lazarus. But you have to get your faith game on point because you can’t expect God to move if you don’t that believe that He is going to move in your situation. Bible Verse: 2 Corinthians 5:7 Learn Spanish with Bible on Try it, practice it and happy learning. Blessings.:

Just like Lazarus had to make a choice when Jesus called him, he had to choose whether he was going to come out the tomb or not. We have to make the same choice to trust God or not in our situation. Are we going to trust God wholeheartedly with our situation and leave it before Him or take it into our hands and do our own things?

She who trusts in the Lord will never be disappointed.  Today, I'm trusting God!:

I want to leave you with these two scriptures which I feel can be in encouraging to you in this season. Proverbs 3:5 states, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.” (ESV) and Mark 11:24 states, “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” (ESV)


Peace, Love and Fashion,























How Bad Do You Want It?

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I hope your Monday is going amazingly great!

I have this baby cousin who plays football. Well he is not a baby anymore. He is a Goliath.  He stands at 6’5 and still growing. He is over 200 pounds and did I mention that he is an offensive and defensive tackle. Let me give you his back story, he played football for a school who he was not giving him enough play time. So he made a decision to transfer to new school’s team that really wanted him on their team.

So the team that my cousin played for were able to go 2015 state championship game. Now let me tell you something that this team. They won the championship game for the last four years. This was my cousin’s objective, he wanted to go to the championship and win that ring. Especially, this was his senior year and last opportunity to play high school football. He worked hard. He would work out regularly so he could condition his body. He watched what he ate. He would watch highlight games for hours. But most important when he played he gave it his all.

They were able to make it to the state championship. Now this team faced many obstacles. According to an interview from the coach, he stated, “These kids have been fighting all season. They fought through the adversity. People were counting us out. But no matter what, they were still coming to practice week in and week out – grinding, sticking together, believing in each other and showing a will to compete” (CBS). Through their discipline and hard work, they won state 43-23. What truly amazing that the kids fought to win and many people who doubted that they were going to win but they won and so many of them cried. Theodore Roosevelt stated, “Nothing worth having comes easy.” This is the truth about success when you want something you have to work hard for it. It will not come easy and you have to fight for it. There will be sweat, tears, sleepless nights and you will have to let some people go.  How many of you know that you can’t bring everyone on the road to success?

Your success is determined on how bad you want it. So if you are saying that you want to be success yet you don’t put in the work. Then forget about it because you’re only fooling yourself.  The harder you work, the higher your chance of success.  How hard are you willing to work for it? Because it will not happen overnight and it is a progress.  I am learning that in order for me to be successful with this blog and image consultant business, I must be consistent and work hard at trying to reach my goals. I have to truly devote myself to my business and put in that sweat and tears so that I can watch the growth of my business.

alt="hard work quote"

I remember listening to this motivational video and one of the motivational speakers told this story of how this guy asked this guru, how he can be successful. So the guru told him to meet him at the beach at 4:30am. So the guy meets the guru at the beach dress in a suit and the guru tells him to get in the water. The guy does. The guru tells the man to go further in. This goes on for few minutes until the guy is deep enough. The guru then holds the man head under water for a bit. Then he releases him and tells him in order for you to be successful; you have to want it as bad as your next breathe.

This is how bad, we must want success in order to succeed because it will not come to you easy. If you have to want it bad enough that you will have to work. Stop making excuses and get ready to grind. I promise you this that if you commit yourself 100% to that goal you won’t regret the decision you made.

alt="hard work quote 3"

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Rest In Him!!

What Up Peeps!!

I hope your day is going by amazingly!!! Happy New Year!! Oh how I miss you guys!! Its been so long!!

Recently, my cousin introduced me to a new phrase and this is a phrase that ties in so well into every season of one’s life whether it be good or bad! So let me give you the back story of the phrase before I tell you what the phrase actually is.  So my cousin’s co worker has this phrase that she says and every time she says the phrase, she falls back into a chair or someone catches her. She uses this term for every situation for good news or bad news. Now folks, are you ready to know what that phrase is. Well its simple, its “Rest in Him”. How powerful is that phrase, especially if we truly apply it to our life? When my cousin told us about her coworker’s phrase, I instantly love it; especially the actions of her falling back and knowing that someone would catch her.

Can you imagine what our life would be if we truly applied this to our life daily? Instead of worrying or stressing about things just rest in the Lord and know that He will give us peace of mind on the matter instead of worry things we can’t fix nor control.  In Matt 11:28-30 states, “Are you tired? Worn out? Burned out on religion? Come to me. Get away with me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with me and work with me—watch how I do it. Learn the unforced rhythms of grace. I won’t lay anything heavy or ill-fitting on you. Keep company with me and you’ll learn to live freely and lightly” (MSG).

God doesn’t want us to be burden about life and He wants us to rest in Him and be renewed. He doesn’t give us anything that will cause any harm to us but we as man take on these challenges that weight us down and forget that we have a Savior name Jesus who died on the cross for those burdens. Be free in the Lord! I know that you probably thinking that this is so easily said than done. But it is!! It’s really that simple! In order to start you must first lower your pride and be transparent with God. Then call out to Him and say, “I trust you with this situation. I am going rest in your presence and you Lord take control. Then leave it there. Don’t pick it back up!! I know how hard that may seem but trust it’s even harder picking up the heavy loaded burden that God freed you of.  Philippians 4:6-7 states, “Don’t fret or worry. Instead of worrying, pray. Let petitions and praises shape your worries into prayers, letting God know your concerns. Before you know it, a sense of God’s wholeness, everything coming together for good, will come and settle you down. It’s wonderful what happens when Christ displaces worry at the center of your life” (MSG).

So as we go into 2016, remember that you serve a God that you can rest in no matter what season you are. Trust in the Lord and know that He has your back. He is the true definition of a ride or die friend.

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Love, Peace & Fashion,