Live Life & Make Memories

Hey beautiful people!
I hope your Wednesday  went by as excellent as I feel. This past weekend, I had the honorable privilege of attending a funeral and baby dedication. I know you are probably wondering why would I consider going to a funeral as honorable. Well I’ll explain it bit later.

Life is something that we take for granted. We are so stuck in the everyday hustle and bustle of our daily routine that we take those precious moments for granted or we simply miss them for dozens of reasons.  We don’t realize the importance of life until something drastic comes and disrupts the flow of our nature routine and makes us ponder about life.

I felt that I was going through a routine of life until I realized that there was more to life than what I was doing. I use to live vicariously through other people. I would be on my social media feeds looking at what my friends,  family and people who I followed pages in admiration wishing to do the things that I saw they were doing. I decided to myself that I could and would do the things that are beyond my daily routine. Things that challenge me and makes me step out of my comfort zone.

How many of us know that comfort and fear can keep us for alot of things. I believer of John 10:10 that God came to give us life of abundance. I’m not referring to possessions but to experience life to fullest.  I feel that we must take time for the precious things in life. We must make memories so that we can reflect on them in those seasons where we feel sad, depressed or unmotivated. These memories act as antidote to cure those dry seasons. It rejuvenates us.

Now back to the funeral and baby dedication, I was able to be with my friends’ who during that weekend chose to celebrate life and cherish those precious moments of the past or began new ones. I was blessed to be apart of their moments.

Today, make the decision to make time for the memories and not get caught up in the everyday hustle bustle. When you pass what do you want to be remembered for? The choice is your!!



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