Living Our Dream

What up peeps,

I hope your weekend was as excellent as my weekend. So I’m excited that today is going to be my first day of school at Lindsey Hopkins Vocational College. I’m so excited because once I decided that I was going to pursue my dreams of being Image Consultant. I started making the proper steps to making that dream my reality. So I decided to enroll in vocational  program to learn the basic essentials because eventually I want to have my own clothing line that caters both men, women and children. I can’t wait to show you guys some of my work but first I got learn how to sew. 

I want to share some tips that I’m learning from my friend who is business consultant about running and the maintaining  your small business. As well tips on branding.  I know we can all relate to how hard it is to maintain our business because its more than full time job with all the things we have to do to upkeep our business.

Lastly, I want to encourage you that whatever dream you envisioned for your life, please don’t be afraid or psych yourself out as to why you can’t make that dream your reality.  Don’t think about the what if and why nots not even I’m nots because they only hinder us from our future  success. If you’re passionate about this dream then take the proper steps to live it out. Don’t allow fear to be the entity that handicaps you.

Well thats all she wrote folks……I hope you beautiful people have a blessed and productive day. And I hope you stop being just a dreamer and become a dream chaser!!!

Peace out!!!


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