Don’t Settle

What Up Peeps,

I hope you guys are having a fabulous Monday. I know I am especially since I’ve gotten out my funky funk. Today, I wanted share with you on the topic about settling.  Often times, we as individuals tend to settle for things that don’t merit our time and efforts.  Recently, a friend of mines was having a battle with herself about a particular young man who she likes but she feels like she is settling for the young man partly because she goes out her way for him all the time. She is the one that is more likely to say hi to him and whatnot. As she was telling me her dilemma, I wondered how many times have we settled for things or people that don’t merit us.  We need to really understand to understand our value and wait for better opportunities to come our way.


 If our Father in heaven wants the best for our lives then why do we feel that we deserve less what He would gives us.  I had to learn that myself because there are many times where I felt that I didn’t deserve something because I didn’t feel qualified. However, God had to shift my mindset and made me see that I was qualified for that position because He gave me the skills and the capability for the position.  So my friend, I just wanted to let you know that you are LEGEND and your WORTHY of EXCELLENCE so DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYBODY OR ANYTHING THAT UNDERVALUES YOU OR YOUR TIME.

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