Fitness Challenge

Howdy Folks,

August here and I set a challenge for this month that I thought I’d share it with you beautiful folks. I made up my mind to run a mile a day for a month and gradually increase it. So tomorrow is going to be the official start day. I know we are like 12 days into this month but you know the life of procrastinator never starts things on time.

Running has always been something that I dreaded because I have asthma and it really hinders me. Plus, I’m low key lazy as well. But I want to change that.So the goal of this challenge is to strength my lungs.

Although, I don’t allow my asthma to hinder me for participating in physical activities but I do have to be mindful of what I do.  Running has so many healthy benefits for the body. I found something on Pinterest that I thought you all would enjoy about the benefits of running. 


I will keep you guys updated about my progress. I would love if you guys would join me on this challenge as well. Keep me updated if you actually do it.



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