Living Our Dream

What up peeps,

I hope your weekend was as excellent as my weekend. So I’m excited that today is going to be my first day of school at Lindsey Hopkins Vocational College. I’m so excited because once I decided that I was going to pursue my dreams of being Image Consultant. I started making the proper steps to making that dream my reality. So I decided to enroll in vocational  program to learn the basic essentials because eventually I want to have my own clothing line that caters both men, women and children. I can’t wait to show you guys some of my work but first I got learn how to sew. 

I want to share some tips that I’m learning from my friend who is business consultant about running and the maintaining  your small business. As well tips on branding.  I know we can all relate to how hard it is to maintain our business because its more than full time job with all the things we have to do to upkeep our business.

Lastly, I want to encourage you that whatever dream you envisioned for your life, please don’t be afraid or psych yourself out as to why you can’t make that dream your reality.  Don’t think about the what if and why nots not even I’m nots because they only hinder us from our future  success. If you’re passionate about this dream then take the proper steps to live it out. Don’t allow fear to be the entity that handicaps you.

Well thats all she wrote folks……I hope you beautiful people have a blessed and productive day. And I hope you stop being just a dreamer and become a dream chaser!!!

Peace out!!!


Don’t Settle

What Up Peeps,

I hope you guys are having a fabulous Monday. I know I am especially since I’ve gotten out my funky funk. Today, I wanted share with you on the topic about settling.  Often times, we as individuals tend to settle for things that don’t merit our time and efforts.  Recently, a friend of mines was having a battle with herself about a particular young man who she likes but she feels like she is settling for the young man partly because she goes out her way for him all the time. She is the one that is more likely to say hi to him and whatnot. As she was telling me her dilemma, I wondered how many times have we settled for things or people that don’t merit us.  We need to really understand to understand our value and wait for better opportunities to come our way.


 If our Father in heaven wants the best for our lives then why do we feel that we deserve less what He would gives us.  I had to learn that myself because there are many times where I felt that I didn’t deserve something because I didn’t feel qualified. However, God had to shift my mindset and made me see that I was qualified for that position because He gave me the skills and the capability for the position.  So my friend, I just wanted to let you know that you are LEGEND and your WORTHY of EXCELLENCE so DON’T SETTLE FOR ANYBODY OR ANYTHING THAT UNDERVALUES YOU OR YOUR TIME.

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Fashion Friday:Back To School Edition

What up Peeps,

Hope your Friday is going as amazing as you are. School is back session for some and while some of us still on summer vacay. So I thought today would be amazing time to inspire you all with some outfits to wear during this school year.











I wish you all an amazing academic year. Remember Do Great ….Be Great because YOU ARE GREAT!!


Fitness Challenge

Howdy Folks,

August here and I set a challenge for this month that I thought I’d share it with you beautiful folks. I made up my mind to run a mile a day for a month and gradually increase it. So tomorrow is going to be the official start day. I know we are like 12 days into this month but you know the life of procrastinator never starts things on time.

Running has always been something that I dreaded because I have asthma and it really hinders me. Plus, I’m low key lazy as well. But I want to change that.So the goal of this challenge is to strength my lungs.

Although, I don’t allow my asthma to hinder me for participating in physical activities but I do have to be mindful of what I do.  Running has so many healthy benefits for the body. I found something on Pinterest that I thought you all would enjoy about the benefits of running. 


I will keep you guys updated about my progress. I would love if you guys would join me on this challenge as well. Keep me updated if you actually do it.


Spiritual Rant

Recently,  I have  been feeeling down in thr dumps and I still feel like that especially with my walk in Christ. I feel that I’ve been in a serious runt in every aspect of my life. Let me give you an illustration of how I’m feeeling. I feel like I’m walking a neighborhood, and the houses on my right and left representing a blessings or answered prayer requests.

Each house owner has a direct relationship with the Lord. He talks to them and listen to them. Now me as the pedestrian onlooker is seeing this from the outside. I’m happy for the individual but I’m eviness. I know I shouldn’t be because I don’t know their walk. But I can’t help it because they are experiencing  what I desire.  I  want to be able to communicate with God and have dialogue. I want a authentic and genuine relationship with Him. However, I don’t feel that I don’t have that. I feel hallow when I’m  praying, reading my bible and even during praise and worship. I feel like I’mgoing to the motions especially with my life. 

Let me finish my illustration, so as I pass all these houses thinking  to myself that my house is coming up next.  I’m getting hype because I’ve been praying and I have faith in God and He has heard my prayers. I’m trusting in promises and believing in His word. But I’m still walking yet another friend’s  house just got build. I feel little bit discouraged but I shake it off. I think to myself, my season hasn’t arrived yet. So I  continue walking and all I see are more individuals’ homes getting built even bigger and stronger. Then, I’m think to myself like whats going on  God, I’m believing you and still nothing. 

I feel like I’m still wondering aimlessly and yet still no answered prayer which has caused me to doubt heavyly. I’m having doubts like where God is calling me to be? Was I even obedient to what He has called me to do? Or was I acting in my own selfish desires and  God never called me to do any of those  things. I know God is not Santa Claus. I never saw Him in that manner but I feel like when I pray to Him, I feel as though He doesn’t hear me. Whats my purpose on earth?  I feel lost and hurt. I’m  downright scared out of my mind because like I have no purpose. This causes me to be more down in my runt. I get depress and feel like loser with nothing accomplished.  I know that everyone has there own walk with the Lord. Everyone’s relationship is different unique and we all go through season. But when am I going to  truly feel and see the present of God evident in my life. How long am I going to walk this earth aimlessly  awaiting God to speak to me? I WANT MORE!!!  Jeremiah 29:11 is a promise I truly stand on but yet I feel like its not a testament of my life. 

Cherish Your Love Ones

What it Up Peeps!!!

I know its been a long time since I’ve been blogging. I’m working on being consistent but sometimes I don’t have any material to upload on my blog.  However, this is not what this blog is about. So two weekend ago, my cousin got married to his longtime cherie  It was very nice wedding.  Some of my family came to witness their beautiful union.

My aunt said something to me recently that I thought I should share with you all. She told me that we must not be a family of big events.  I had to agree with her. I love my family, but most of the time I get to see them when its big events. That is sad but yet so true. Some of my families, I only get to see them when I come to their home state.  Some of them, I don’t even have a relationship with them.

I know that many of you have a different relationship dynamic with your perspective families.  Some of us have close knitted bond while others of us are estrange from our families.
My family is typical close but we don’t really stay in contact with each other. We may sometimes communicate via social media or text message. We even created a Groupme for our family to chat and keep in touch but we were not inconsistent and we don’t really go on there except for my aunt who post on there scriptures verses and what not.

However, when we get together, its like time has not escaped us and we are chatting it up and having a grand time with joking around. I love that about my family.

Now on to the point of this blog. We must cherish our love ones because we never know when they will depart from this earth. Keep in constant communication with them. Bask in their presence any chance you get. Share and remisce on your memories. If you are estranged from your love ones, be the bigger person and correct the situation. Because those woulda coulda shoulda blues don’t help no one. You don’t  want to be fill with regrets.