Weekend Recap: Love Is In The Air

This weekend, I was honored to attend my friend Denise’s and her boo-boo Joe’s wedding. When I tell you I had an amazing time.  You know, it’s always fun being surround with people you love and care for. However, I am not here to recap the wedding play by play but to bring to you some encouragement. So my friend and her husband wrote a friendship contract when they were 19 years old.  I know right who thinks about writing something that like that when you’re a teen but they did. I know you’re probably wondering what was written in their friendship contract. I’ll give you the basic run down. It was quite simple; it basically stated that they will be friends until the end of time. I know so simply but yet it was upheld despite the fact that life happened and they went their separate ways. They somehow found each other again.

Now, they crazy part of this story is that people told them they were going to get married.  Guess what??? They did 15 years later.  So I know you probably wondering, “Where is the encouragement?” Well my friend, here it is….. When you allow Christ to the center of any of your relationship, just watch how He will transform it for the purpose of glorifying the Kingdom.  How??? Let me enlighten you.

When you allow Christ into your relationship He begins to show you and teach you how to love your significant other, friend or family the way He designed. You know that 1 Corinthians 13 type of love.  Often times, relationships become disastrous because we as individuals function on the idea that love is conditional, but its not!!  Love is unconditional! Love doesn’t have a requirement!

It chooses whom it wants and when. However, when loves comes it does have a standard and you have to maintain it if you want love to be successful.  I’m learning that along the way on this life journey to love as Christ loves and to invite Him into every one of my relationships so that I don’t misuse or abuse love.  I suggest you do the same and watch how God flourishes your relationship.


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