Last week, my personal trainer said something to me that stuck to me. It inspired me to write this here blog post.  I’m a slow walking.  Slow as in a snail walks faster than me. When I walk with my friends who walk fast, I feel like I have to jog to keep up with them. So when my trainer had my classmates and I power walk, I nearly lost my life. I caught a cramp in my legs. I’m short with short legs so fast pace walking is not my cup of tea.

As I was dying, the trainer told me you have to push past your comfort zone. I thought to myself, he is crazy but right. Don’t you hate it when your trainer said something profound as they try to kill you? I went home in pain; I couldn’t shake what my trainer said because what he said made sense.  In order, for you to see changes you have push yourself past your comfort level and limits.  I even made an acronym Persevere Until Something Happens.

The key word in this PUSH acronym is persevere. Persevere is defined as continuing in a course of action even in the face of difficulty or with little or no prospect of success. This is the key to a successful fitness or healthy lifestyle journey. Some of us go into this fitness journey with the wrong mindset.  We want a quit fix but that is not what this journey is about its about being a healthy and better you. You have to do it the right way.  In order, for that to happen you have endure and push through.  I know this journey will not be easy. There will be some hard times, temptation and you may even hit a plateau but hang in there.  Because changes will soon come and you will definitely see the difference but you have to PUSH.


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