Breaking Out of The Comfort Zone

Couple of months ago, my cousin did something that I could not even imagine myself doing. She wrote a letter to guy she liked and told him how she felt about him. Now some of you are thinking that’s nothing. However, there are a few of us that feel that this way out of character for me. So let us move to the boldest part of this story, my cousin went and talked to him about the letter she wrote to him. I was shocked yet proud of her. I was shocked because I would never be able to go to a boy tell him how I feel about him and let alone go to him and discuss something that exposed my innermost feelings. This is the very thing that made me proud of her. She was bold enough to step out of her comfort zone to accomplish something that was beyond her wildest dreams. I know that some of you are thinking that my cousin is crazy for doing that and could never imagine yourself doing something of this nature. This is because we get so comfortable being in that comfort zone that we don’t think about what beyond that.  This causes us to miss out on amazing opportunities. Why is that we get so complacent in our comfort zone?  I’ve asked myself that questions a million times. I realized that we are just so use to familiarity that we don’t want anything outside of that because we don’t really embrace change. We want to stay in our bubble of comfort so anything that forces us to step out of our zone forget about it because we don’t like to be challenged. However, this attitude can cause us to miss out on opportunities that are beyond our wildest dreams. So my friend, it’s not too late for you change that attitude and get out of your comfort zone. And find and do something that you never imagine yourself doing or taking an opportunity that you didn’t think was possible and make it possible. I leave you with this quote from Joel Osteen, “I want to challenge you today to get out of your comfort zone. You have so much incredible potential on the inside. God has put gifts and talents in you that you probably don’t know anything about.”


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