Meal Prep Tips

The fitness journey has arisen like a Phoenix. God has truly made a way for me to continue the journey. I am truly grateful for that. For those who don’t know I started my fitness journey last year at the end of June/early July and I had to stop when I left my job. So I’m back and I’m ready to rock and roll. However, there are things that I want to do more differently from the last time. I wanted to share some of my tips about meal prep with you based on my past experience.

1. Set a budget and stick to it I really didn’t have a budget.

I would say that I wouldn’t spend more than $60.00 and I would spend way more money than anticipated. I would spend on average $100 or more on groceries and it was only me. Some of you are thinking this is nothing but I was doing this on weekly bases. I was spending $400 plus dollars on groceries. Now that I’m fixed income I have a budget of $40.00 a week and I have to make sure that stick.  Be more conscious of what you are purchasing and shop at places that are feasible you’re your budget. Getting generic brands instead store brands. Stick to the sale items and couponing is going to be my best friend.

2. Research, Research and Plan Accordingly

It is important to research especially recipes and tips so that you can educate and obtain knowledge about healthy alternatives out there.  You create a guide as to what healthy meals and tips are beneficial for meal preparation and substituting different condiments and seasonings.  It’s helpful, if you follow individuals on social media who are also on the journey of healthy lifestyle and meal preparing because they help you on along this journey. Don’t over purchase.

3. Go shopping with individuals who are also meal preparation.

I find that going shopping someone who is also meal preparing is helpful. My reason behind that is that individual can hold you accountable and make sure getting healthy foods and help you stick to your budget. Going shopping with someone who is experience with meal prepping and shopping because they can share with you their tips and advice for what works until you know what works for you.

4. Pick a day for meal prep and shopping for groceries and stick to it.

I suggest that you pick a day that going to work best for you to grocery and meal prep. You can do them both on one day or split it. I like to shop for my groceries on one day then meal prep the next day because meal prep is a lot of work and time. After hours at the grocery store, the last thing on my mind is cooking.

5. Portion size

When are you cooking, make sure you portion out your meals correctly. You can check the label to find the serving size.

Hopefully, you guys found these tips helpful.

Laterz  XOXO



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