Throwback Thursday: Weekend Recap


I love a productive fun-filled weekend and I haven’t had one in while. So when my cousins invited me to spend the weekend with them I couldn’t resist. Our first event for the weekend was Solefest. Solefest is a sneakers convention where individuals can buy, sell and trade sneakers. Solefest started in Orlando on July 28, 2012. Then, they branched out and began traveling to different cities Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Naples and West Palm Beach. Solefest also has vendors who sell and display clothing, art, hats, accessories and more.


This was my first time going to Solefest.  I never experienced anything like this before. It was thrilling to be in a room with a bunch of individuals who were sneaker connoisseurs. The individuals ranged in ages, nationalities and ethnicities but they all united for their loved of sneakers. However, I was not shocked to see that the room was filled with a lot of males. They were a sprinkle of women and young ladies representing.

 DSCN1169 DSCN1170 DSCN1171 DSCN1172

The individuals who came to Solefest had sneakers that ranged from $80 to $5,000.00.  They brought shoes that were so rare and limited like the Lebron’s Bumble Bee. They were a lot of Jordan heads in the building selling and trading shoes. There were kicks that were so creatively designed such as KOH, which is a company that customized designs kicks.

DSCN1161 DSCN1152 DSCN1199


I had the pleasure of speaking to two talented individuals.  I would have to say that these two young men were really gifted with their craft.  Jordan Adams is a painter who creates dope canvas of basketball athletes and kicks.  He created an artistic piece that I know real Jordan fans would love such as the evolution of Jordan’s Legend Blues 11 and Air Jordan. He is currently working on a masterpiece that he should me a snippet and guys it was aaaaaamazing. I’m not going to say too much about it except Last Supper context.  Go check him or his social media sites @kicksoncanvasJ5.

DSCN1158 DSCN1157 DSCN1156 DSCN1159


Guys, remember back in the day when people used to put graffiti or draw on their backpack. Well I met a young man from Tatpack who takes backpack art to another level. What we thought was dope was purely amateur work compare to what he does to these bags.  He is a reincarnation of   Picasso and Michelangelo with those backpacks.  He is truly talented.  Tatpack based out of Orlando and they can customize backpacks and shoes.  Guys, go check him out at or his social media @tatpack, if you are interested in getting a customized Tatpack.


The next event, I went to was the Relationships, Marriage & Sex Variety Show hosted by Abstinc. Abstinc is a Christian non-profit that focuses on teaching individuals the benefits of maintaining abstinence until marriage and how to create and maintain healthy God –filled relationship.  Well my cousins and I were not able to see the show in its totality because we got there late. However, what I heard still blessed my ears. When we got there, Pastor Aubrey was given the audience an illustration of how we act with the opposite sex we date and the consequences of it.

DSCN1230  DSCN1232      DSCN1238 DSCN1239 DSCN1244 DSCN1245 DSCN1247  DSCN1249

On Sunday, I went to church at Trinity. The service was amazing. It was their “ALL IN” Service which means they were baptizing individuals. I never went to that services and I was truly blessed to see so many people make that the decision to get baptized. 


Well I hope you enjoyed my weekend recap!


Laterz XOXO



Laterz XOXOX



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