Resturant Review: Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

I had the pleasure of going to Buffalo Wild Wings with my cousin. This was my first time dining at this sports bar. I always wanted to go because I heard individuals comment on how good their wings were and Wing Stop wings. I haven’t been to Wing Stop yet but stay tuned.

Buffalo Wild Wings (BBW) was founded in 1982 by Jim Debrow and Scott Lowry when Debrow was a judge for an amateur figure skating competition at Kent State University in 1980. The original name of the restaurant was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck (BW-3). The last W in the abbreviation was created for the beef on wecksandwich.  In 1990, Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck began to operate as a franchise.  Buffalo Wild Wings is known to be an American casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise. BBW’s has many different locations in the United States, Canada, México and Philippines.  BBW is known for their specialty chicken wings and sauces.

I went to BBW twice back to back. So I’ll speak about both experiences. The restaurant was filled with a couple of participants but they were able to seat us within a few minutes of being there. Our waitress was extremely nice and recommended that we try their fried pickles because she stated that they are known for having the best fried pickles. My cousin had their fried pickles before and she raved about how good they were. So I decided to try it. Now when our fried pickles came out the presentation was not what we expected. The pickles were not covered all over with the batter and were bit on the salty side.  So I really didn’t care for them to much.

wpid-20150321_160021.jpg wpid-20150321_160014.jpg

At BBW, there are other things to munch on other than wings like burgers, salads, etc. Now on the menu, there is a thermometer that ranks the sauces from sweet to spicy. They also list the different dry rub seasonings on the opposite side of the thermometer. I thought that this was helpful so that people who can’t have spicy food know where to look for options. The two sauces that I tried my first time were honey mustard and honey bbq. The honey mustard was really tart and dry. I didn’t like that one at all. I tried the honey bbq and it was pretty good. It was sweet yet it had a nice kick to it. My cousin and I tried the parmesan garlic and we didn’t really care for that one at all. It was really moist on the outside and salty.

wpid-20150321_162036.jpg wpid-20150321_162108.jpg

The second time I went to BBW, I went out with my cousins and close friends. One of my cousins tried the lemon pepper dry rub and she gave me one to try.  Omg guys, soooooo good!! When you bit into the chicken, you instantly taste the lemon and then the pepper sneaks up and karate chopped your taste buds. It amazing  combination.  I wanted to eat all her wings but she was not about to let that happen. My other cousin got the teriyaki chicken. It wasn’t good at all. The taste was not appeasing to my taste buds. I don’t like ginger and that is all I could taste. So that was a big “NO” for me.  My friend had the salt and vinegar wings. I thought it was decent. The waitress said it was like salt and vinegar chips but I don’t think so. It was very vinegary (if that is even a word.)

My overall experience was okay. The service was decent.  I enjoyed the two wing flavors (honey bbq and lemon pepper). If you go on Tuesday, they have a wing special of .69 per wing. Now you have to pay for the Bleu cheese and Ranch dressing. I would give BBW 3 belly full out of 5. If you have a BBW in your area you should go check them out and tell me about your experience and what were your favorite sauces.


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