Meal Prep Tips

The fitness journey has arisen like a Phoenix. God has truly made a way for me to continue the journey. I am truly grateful for that. For those who don’t know I started my fitness journey last year at the end of June/early July and I had to stop when I left my job. So I’m back and I’m ready to rock and roll. However, there are things that I want to do more differently from the last time. I wanted to share some of my tips about meal prep with you based on my past experience.

1. Set a budget and stick to it I really didn’t have a budget.

I would say that I wouldn’t spend more than $60.00 and I would spend way more money than anticipated. I would spend on average $100 or more on groceries and it was only me. Some of you are thinking this is nothing but I was doing this on weekly bases. I was spending $400 plus dollars on groceries. Now that I’m fixed income I have a budget of $40.00 a week and I have to make sure that stick.  Be more conscious of what you are purchasing and shop at places that are feasible you’re your budget. Getting generic brands instead store brands. Stick to the sale items and couponing is going to be my best friend.

2. Research, Research and Plan Accordingly

It is important to research especially recipes and tips so that you can educate and obtain knowledge about healthy alternatives out there.  You create a guide as to what healthy meals and tips are beneficial for meal preparation and substituting different condiments and seasonings.  It’s helpful, if you follow individuals on social media who are also on the journey of healthy lifestyle and meal preparing because they help you on along this journey. Don’t over purchase.

3. Go shopping with individuals who are also meal preparation.

I find that going shopping someone who is also meal preparing is helpful. My reason behind that is that individual can hold you accountable and make sure getting healthy foods and help you stick to your budget. Going shopping with someone who is experience with meal prepping and shopping because they can share with you their tips and advice for what works until you know what works for you.

4. Pick a day for meal prep and shopping for groceries and stick to it.

I suggest that you pick a day that going to work best for you to grocery and meal prep. You can do them both on one day or split it. I like to shop for my groceries on one day then meal prep the next day because meal prep is a lot of work and time. After hours at the grocery store, the last thing on my mind is cooking.

5. Portion size

When are you cooking, make sure you portion out your meals correctly. You can check the label to find the serving size.

Hopefully, you guys found these tips helpful.

Laterz  XOXO



Mustard Seed Faith

Last Week Thursday, my church gave out tickets for individuals to attend a private movie screening of Little Boy. The movie takes place during the era of WWII. The movie is centered around a young boy name Pepper Busbee aka Little Boy.  Little Boy and his father have a dynamic bond and love for each other.  The father is sent off to fight in the war and this tears little boy apart because his father was his best friend.  The movie focused on Little Boy who uses magic powers produced by his faith to end and bring his father home.

This movie taught me an importance of faith in our life.  Faith defined by Hebrews 11:1, “Faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.”  However, faith is not always easy.  I know you’re probably wondering my reason behind that statement. Lately, I have not been a good steward of faith. As you know, I am still unemployed and looking for work with no avail. I’m trying launch an image consultant firm and blog. I have no knowledge in either field.  I feel like am not making any progress. Every day, I think to myself that I am going to and that I made mistake about leaving may job to pursue this new adventure. Should I have gone to law school?  I ask myself that everyday but there is small amount of faith that reassures me that I made the right decision and it will be alright just continue to commit my dreams and desired to the Lord.

Here is the funny thing about faith, even with a small amount of it can cause some serious change/shifts in the atmosphere of an individual life.  Jesus said in Matthew 17:20b, “I tell you the truth, if you had faith even as small as a mustard seed, you could say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it would move. Nothing would be impossible.”

Just have faith even if its small as a mustard seed and watch God change whatever your believing Him for. I promise you if its in His will, just sit back and watch Him work.

Fashion Friday: Fashion Craves

For this Fashion Friday, I decided to do something different. I wanted to share with you items that I want to add to my closet for the Spring and Summer season. I went to couple of online stores such as Sheinside, MissGuided, and H&M.

The first stop is Sheinside. I hear all the beauty and fashion gurus talk about this website so I decide to go and check it out. Gals, I tell you this clothes are cute and affordable. They have great sales and currently have one going on right now. Go check them out. http://www.sheinside.comApricot Heavy Bottomed Plaid Flats-Sheinside Blue Pockets Denim Skirt- Sheinside Green Round Neck Fruit Print Top with Shorts-Sheinside Green With Bow Slingbacks High Heeled Pumps-Sheinside Grey V Neck Sleeveless Tassel Dress-Sheinside  White Round Neck Floral  Crop Top With Shorts -Sheinside White Ruffle V Neck Jumpsuit-Sheinside White Spaghetti Strap Backless Floral Dress- SheinsideSheinside

My second stop is Missguided. I saw an ad for this website while I was watching some random show on Hulu Plus. I was like I had to check it. Although its not cheap, the clothes are somewhat affordable. I wouldn’t go shopping on there often. However, they do have things within my budget. Go check them out

Double Strap Buckle Sliders Monochrome Reptile Print-Missguided Fabricia Lilac Frill Hem Shorts Longline Wrap Front Jersey Top Nude Ruby Textured Pleat Details Shorts Green  Quiltes Slider Grey Neon Floral High Waisted Shorts Monochrome Ruffle Crop top Mesh Panel Bikini -White tie back Crochet knitted Vest Cream Triangle Grid Print Crop Top White Halterneck  Strappy Swimsuit Red-Misguided

Last stop is H&M. Now I never shopped at H&M. So I thought I would go check them out. I’m sorry to say that this website does not disappoint. There are so many cute items on there. Also, its affordable. This is the place to be to find basic items to spruce up your wardrobe. Yellow Eyelet Top -Short Sleeved top in Woven cotton fabric with sections in eyelet embroidery Patterned Silk Shorts -H&M Off the shoulder Jumpsuit-H&M Mustard Yellow- Textured Jersey With Short Sleeves Woven Set -H&M Short Sleeved Top in Slub Jersey with Lace Inserts -hm Floral Patterned Pencil Skirt-H&M Power Pink- Textured Jersey with Short Sleeves Dark Green -High Waisted Shorts Dark Blue Joggers outfits -H&M Burgundy Draped Skirt Black Long Sleeved Dress-H&M Black V Neck Jumpsuit with cross over shoulder straps H&M

Throwback Thursday: Weekend Recap


I love a productive fun-filled weekend and I haven’t had one in while. So when my cousins invited me to spend the weekend with them I couldn’t resist. Our first event for the weekend was Solefest. Solefest is a sneakers convention where individuals can buy, sell and trade sneakers. Solefest started in Orlando on July 28, 2012. Then, they branched out and began traveling to different cities Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Fort Lauderdale, Naples and West Palm Beach. Solefest also has vendors who sell and display clothing, art, hats, accessories and more.


This was my first time going to Solefest.  I never experienced anything like this before. It was thrilling to be in a room with a bunch of individuals who were sneaker connoisseurs. The individuals ranged in ages, nationalities and ethnicities but they all united for their loved of sneakers. However, I was not shocked to see that the room was filled with a lot of males. They were a sprinkle of women and young ladies representing.

 DSCN1169 DSCN1170 DSCN1171 DSCN1172

The individuals who came to Solefest had sneakers that ranged from $80 to $5,000.00.  They brought shoes that were so rare and limited like the Lebron’s Bumble Bee. They were a lot of Jordan heads in the building selling and trading shoes. There were kicks that were so creatively designed such as KOH, which is a company that customized designs kicks.

DSCN1161 DSCN1152 DSCN1199


I had the pleasure of speaking to two talented individuals.  I would have to say that these two young men were really gifted with their craft.  Jordan Adams is a painter who creates dope canvas of basketball athletes and kicks.  He created an artistic piece that I know real Jordan fans would love such as the evolution of Jordan’s Legend Blues 11 and Air Jordan. He is currently working on a masterpiece that he should me a snippet and guys it was aaaaaamazing. I’m not going to say too much about it except Last Supper context.  Go check him or his social media sites @kicksoncanvasJ5.

DSCN1158 DSCN1157 DSCN1156 DSCN1159


Guys, remember back in the day when people used to put graffiti or draw on their backpack. Well I met a young man from Tatpack who takes backpack art to another level. What we thought was dope was purely amateur work compare to what he does to these bags.  He is a reincarnation of   Picasso and Michelangelo with those backpacks.  He is truly talented.  Tatpack based out of Orlando and they can customize backpacks and shoes.  Guys, go check him out at or his social media @tatpack, if you are interested in getting a customized Tatpack.


The next event, I went to was the Relationships, Marriage & Sex Variety Show hosted by Abstinc. Abstinc is a Christian non-profit that focuses on teaching individuals the benefits of maintaining abstinence until marriage and how to create and maintain healthy God –filled relationship.  Well my cousins and I were not able to see the show in its totality because we got there late. However, what I heard still blessed my ears. When we got there, Pastor Aubrey was given the audience an illustration of how we act with the opposite sex we date and the consequences of it.

DSCN1230  DSCN1232      DSCN1238 DSCN1239 DSCN1244 DSCN1245 DSCN1247  DSCN1249

On Sunday, I went to church at Trinity. The service was amazing. It was their “ALL IN” Service which means they were baptizing individuals. I never went to that services and I was truly blessed to see so many people make that the decision to get baptized. 


Well I hope you enjoyed my weekend recap!


Laterz XOXO



Laterz XOXOX


Resturant Review: Salsa Fiesta

My good friend brought me some food because I was seriously hangry. You guys can relate to me when we get to the point of being hangry; we can’t think or function and everything annoys us.  So my friend decided to bring me Salsa Fiesta. Salsa Fiesta is Mexican restaurant chain like Chipotle. They have the typical Mexican dishes like tacos, burritos, and taco bowls. However, unlike Chipotle they have tostones top with meat and toppings. Yummy!

Guys, I love a good burrito!  It makes my belly and taste buds dance especially if I’m really hungry. So I was dancing as I ate that burrito because it was so good. In my opinion, it was better than Chipotle. I know blasphemy but it’s true. The burrito was so flavorful and hearty. My friend got me the Classic burrito.  My burrito had rice, black beans, corn, pico de gallo, sour cream, lettuce and chicken. The chicken was so moist and filled with chicken.  I like that because Chipotle sometimes doesn’t always give you a lot of meat. But that was not the case with Salsa Fiesta; every bite had chicken in it.  So that was a point for them.

20150327_160117 20150327_161035 20150327_160409 20150327_160429

The meal also came with tortilla chips and pico de gallo. Everything was so fresh and yummy.   I had so much food that I was able to save some for my dinner later that night.  My overall rating for Salsa Fiesta was 5 bellies full because my food tasted freshly made. It was flavorful and hearty. I love that their prices are very reasonable for a broke foodies like myself. If you have a Salsa Fiesta in your city, go check them out. You won’t regret it.

Laterz XOXOX


Motivational Tuesday: Dreams

Turbo is a film about a young underdog snail named Theo, a.k.a. Turbo, who dreamed of being the greatest racer in the world, just like his hero Guy Gagné, a 5-time Indianapolis 500 champ. His obsession with speed and all things fast has made him an outcast in the slow and cautious snail community, and a constant embarrassment to his older brother, Chet. Turbo desperately wished he could escape the slow-paced life he was living, but his one chance to live proves a near fatal disaster when he tried to recover a prize tomato and needed to be rescued by his brother.

Disheartened, Theo wanders onto a freeway to admire the traffic and wishes he was fast as the cars. He suddenly loses his balance and falls into the traffic. He is thrown amongst the traffic until he landed himself in a drag race competition.  While at the race, he gets into a freak accident and gets sucked into the supercharger of a drag racer and his DNA is fused with nitrous oxide. This caused him to have super-speed.  

Turbo’s story kicks into overdrive as he embarked on an extraordinary journey to achieve the seemingly impossible: competing in the world’s fastest race, the Indianapolis 500. With the help of his tricked-out streetwise snail crew, this ultimate underdog puts his heart and shell on the line to prove that no dream is too big, and no dreamer too small.

I wanted to share the lesson that I got from the film Turbo.  It deals with dreams and accomplishing them.  Turbo had dream of having super speed like a race car and winning Indianapolis 500 yet he was a snail. However, that obstacle did not stop him because he achieved those dreams. That goes to show you that no dream is too small or too big for anyone to achieve as long as you believe that you can do it and you make it happen.  Don’t allow anyone to deter you from accomplishing your dream or make you feel that your dreams are not realistic because God instilled those dreams inside of you.  There are times, when you may get discouraged especially when you have individuals in your life such as family, friends, significant others or co-workers who are try to rain on your dreams with their negativity. But don’t allow them to discourage you or make you feel that your dreams are unrealistic. Find individuals who believe in your dream like Turbo because these individuals are pivotal to your success because they will encourage, support and motivated you especially when you are feeling defeated.  

Proverbs 16:3 states “Commit to the Lord whatever you do, and he will establish your plans.” If you commit those dreams to God and you allow Him to take hold of those dreams. Just watch Him move in your life and the  many doors of opportunities He will open for you.  I’m learning that right now in this season of my life and I’m trusting God with my dreams. He is really moving.

Whatever dream or dreams that you have, I suggest that you get a notebook and write all your dreams in it. You can use pictures from magazines or pictures from the internet that will help you visualize your dream. In Habakkuk 2:2 And the Lord answered me: “Write the vision; make it plain on tablets, so he may run who reads it. By doing this you are faithfully taking a bold step of taking your dreams from imagination to reality. It helps you keep your dreams in eyesight and holds you accountable to accomplish them.  Remember, Luke 1:37, “For nothing will be impossible with God” for those times you get discouraged.  So my friends, dream on and keep dreaming  but don’t just dream make those dreams a reality.

I leave you with quote, “We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” Jesse Owens.

Fashion Friday: Spring Inspirations

Spring Spring Spring is finally here especially for those who live in those states that have four seasons. Well for me, I live in a state that has one season for all the seasons…. Sunny! Favor ain’t fair…. and I’m sorry for those individuals who are still experiencing  those cold fronts. Lol!! Well on today blog post. I was looking on Pinterest (O how I love Pinterest!!!) I thought I would share with you guys some awesome pieces and outfits for the Spring 2015 Ready to Wear and pins that I thought were cute.


Chanel Spring 2015

Chanel Spring 2015

Jason Wu Spring 2015 Ready to Wear

Jason Wu Spring 2015

Kate Spade 2015

Kate Spade Spring 2015


Floral Print Romper from Lulla


Geometric Shorts

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2015

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2015

Saloni Spring 2015

Saloni Spring 2015

I hope you guys enjoyed and I’ll see you guys on the next Fashion Friday!!  Have a terrific Friday Lovelies!!

Laterz XOXOX

Resturant Review: Buffalo Wild Wings Grill & Bar

I had the pleasure of going to Buffalo Wild Wings with my cousin. This was my first time dining at this sports bar. I always wanted to go because I heard individuals comment on how good their wings were and Wing Stop wings. I haven’t been to Wing Stop yet but stay tuned.

Buffalo Wild Wings (BBW) was founded in 1982 by Jim Debrow and Scott Lowry when Debrow was a judge for an amateur figure skating competition at Kent State University in 1980. The original name of the restaurant was Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck (BW-3). The last W in the abbreviation was created for the beef on wecksandwich.  In 1990, Buffalo Wild Wings & Weck began to operate as a franchise.  Buffalo Wild Wings is known to be an American casual dining restaurant and sports bar franchise. BBW’s has many different locations in the United States, Canada, México and Philippines.  BBW is known for their specialty chicken wings and sauces.

I went to BBW twice back to back. So I’ll speak about both experiences. The restaurant was filled with a couple of participants but they were able to seat us within a few minutes of being there. Our waitress was extremely nice and recommended that we try their fried pickles because she stated that they are known for having the best fried pickles. My cousin had their fried pickles before and she raved about how good they were. So I decided to try it. Now when our fried pickles came out the presentation was not what we expected. The pickles were not covered all over with the batter and were bit on the salty side.  So I really didn’t care for them to much.

wpid-20150321_160021.jpg wpid-20150321_160014.jpg

At BBW, there are other things to munch on other than wings like burgers, salads, etc. Now on the menu, there is a thermometer that ranks the sauces from sweet to spicy. They also list the different dry rub seasonings on the opposite side of the thermometer. I thought that this was helpful so that people who can’t have spicy food know where to look for options. The two sauces that I tried my first time were honey mustard and honey bbq. The honey mustard was really tart and dry. I didn’t like that one at all. I tried the honey bbq and it was pretty good. It was sweet yet it had a nice kick to it. My cousin and I tried the parmesan garlic and we didn’t really care for that one at all. It was really moist on the outside and salty.

wpid-20150321_162036.jpg wpid-20150321_162108.jpg

The second time I went to BBW, I went out with my cousins and close friends. One of my cousins tried the lemon pepper dry rub and she gave me one to try.  Omg guys, soooooo good!! When you bit into the chicken, you instantly taste the lemon and then the pepper sneaks up and karate chopped your taste buds. It amazing  combination.  I wanted to eat all her wings but she was not about to let that happen. My other cousin got the teriyaki chicken. It wasn’t good at all. The taste was not appeasing to my taste buds. I don’t like ginger and that is all I could taste. So that was a big “NO” for me.  My friend had the salt and vinegar wings. I thought it was decent. The waitress said it was like salt and vinegar chips but I don’t think so. It was very vinegary (if that is even a word.)

My overall experience was okay. The service was decent.  I enjoyed the two wing flavors (honey bbq and lemon pepper). If you go on Tuesday, they have a wing special of .69 per wing. Now you have to pay for the Bleu cheese and Ranch dressing. I would give BBW 3 belly full out of 5. If you have a BBW in your area you should go check them out and tell me about your experience and what were your favorite sauces.