Restaurant Review: KUSH

A few of my friends and I decided to go to Kush, a restaurant in Wynwood.  Friends Matt and David avid fans of burgers and quality craft beers opened Kush. When I walked into the restaurant portion of Kush, I thought to myself that the place was quite small and wondered where were we going to seat? However, the hostess informed us that they were at capacity so we would have to wait in their waiting room which was a few doors down the block and gave us a basketball card with a number on it.

Now the waiting room waiting room was different! When you walk in you give your basketball card to the waiting room host. Although small there was a lot going on. There was a bar area, a long dining table and some stools in the back.  Now, remember I told you that the waiting room was different. So when I sat down to wait for my table I glanced up at the wall and saw fake roosters in cages lined up in a shape of a cross. As I continued to scan the room I saw candles and crosses resembling that of the Voodoo and Santeria culture. I did not get a chance to go the restroom but I heard it had a huge decorative machete piece. So if you go to Kush and happen to go into the bathroom please take pictures and share them with us. After 20 minutes or so, our party was called for our table. They sat us at one of the blue picnic tables outside and we had to share it with another party, which I thought was interestinbecause I have never sat so close to another party.

Now let’s get into the grub review!! We decided to order appetizers. We tried the Florida Alligator Bites served with creamy garlic and spicy mayo sauces and  the Pork Sausage and Fried Pickles served with spicy slaw, toasted bread and homemade purple mustard and creamy garlic sauce. The Gator bites were so good and flavorful. I did not care for the sauces too much but my friends thought it was good. This was my first time eating fried pickles and I thought it was amazing. It was sour and crispy like a party in my mouth! So I was looking forward to the main dish.

I ordered the Kush & Hash burger served with hash, bacon, fried egg, and ketchup on a waffle bun with a side of maple syrup with mixed fries (regular potatoes and sweet potatoes). At first, I was taken aback when my meal came out because it didn’t look like how I pictured it. I thought the burger would be on a huge waffle but it came out looking just like the picture.  I had a medium cooked burger served on two ¼’s of a waffle as the bun. The burger was very flavorful and super moist. I was thinking the syrup would throw off the burger but it totally complimented the burger.

Customer service is a big deal when trying new restaurants and I must say the customer service was on point as well! Kudos to Kush, everyone was extremely friendly and nice. The waiter checked on us often but while not being overbearing.

Kush gets a rating of four bellies out of five bellies because the food was overall delicious and the serving size was enough to fill this great belly of mine. However, I didn’t like the seating arrangements with having to seat so close to another party. I would suggest that if you are in the Wynwood area please go check out Kush, you won’t be disappointed!


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