Fitness Motivation Tuesday

Today, I woke up and felt the urgency to work out. It was as if my body was craving to start working out again.  I have been physically active since July 2014; however, I stopped working out in December 2014 and went on a junk food binge that lasted until February 2, 2015. I couldn’t believe that I allowed myself to let go and gain all the weight that I lost. I don’t know what came over me. It was as if I didn’t care about anything anymore and I just wanted to pig out and drown myself in the pool of artificial snacks and sweets. I paid greatly because I was feeling great chest pains, lack energy and my body was hurting. My insomnia came back. I was tired of living like that so I made a decision either stay in my condition or make the conscious decision to get back and be physically active. I made the decision to get back on the journey and become a better me.  I know that for some of us we made those tired old New Year’s resolutions to go on a diet. Some of us will continue on the journey and many individuals will stop and never achieve their goal. That is to due to the fact that we as humans lack the motivation and drive when we feel that we that progress hasn’t been made. You need to be real with yourself and realize it didn’t take you days to get in your current state so don’t think it going to take days to shed those pounds. Weight loss is a journey that takes time and dedication. You have to make the conscious decision that you want be a better you no matter how long it takes. You have to commit to the journey. You have to want it bad enough because no one can want it for you. I realize that for myself and now I made the commitment to stick to the journey. I hope you will make the decision to commit to the journey and I promise you, you won’t regard it. Understand that this journey will not be easy and you will be tempted on the journey but stay discipline and you will see results.

Laterz  XOXOXO



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