Welcome to Katz F’n World!!

I know you’re wondering what this blog is about based on the name. Well I’ll share with you the story behind the name. My name is Kathlyn but all my friends call me Kat. So hence the first part of my blog name.  So on to the story of the F’n.  My co-worker came up to me one day and told me if you wanted to create a blog you should call it Kats F’n World!! I was like Hmmm, I like that.  He goes on to tell me that you should talk about all the things that are important to you like my faith, fashion and food. I recently added fitness and finance to my favorite Fs.  The reason that I decided to create this blog is to share, inspire and uplift the world with the important F’s of my world.  So come along with me on this journey because your access has been granted and I personally welcome you to ………Katz F’n World!!




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